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European Cooperation in the field Of Scientific and Technical Research

COST is an intergovernmental network supporting co-operation among scientists and researchers across Europe. COST has 35 member countries and enables scientists to collaborate in a wide spectrum of activities in research and technology.

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European Science Foundation

The European Science Foundation was established in 1974 and is an association of 78 member organisations promoting high quality scientific research in 30 European countries. The Foundation acts as a catalyst for the development of science by bringing together leading scientists and funding agencies to debate, plan and implement pan-European initiatives.

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The Council of the European Union

The Council of the European Union provides the COST Secretariat.
The Council for the European Union

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International cooperation on theories in traffic safety

ICTCT is an international association of safety experts working to identify and analyze dangerous road traffic situations by exploring relevant safety data derived from observations and surveys (such as traffic conflicts, near-accidents and studying behaviour and interaction patterns) rather than solely past accident statistics.

ICTCT fundamentally state 'WE DON'T NEED ACCIDENTS TO PREVENT ACCIDENTS !' and are involved in a number of collaborative research projects with the aim of improving the understanding of road safety; coordinating future research; and sharing new information between different countries.

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Walk 21

Walk21 aims to champion the development of healthy sustainable and efficient communities where people choose to walk.

Through the Walk21 Conference series and the International Charter, Walk21 have a vision to create a world where people choose and are able to walk as a way to travel, to be healthy and to relax.

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