Project Objectives

The main objective of the Action is to provide an essential contribution to systems knowledge of pedestrians' quality needs and the requirements derived from those needs, thus stimulating structural and functional interventions, policy making and regulation to support the walking conditions across the EU and other involved countries.

The research aims are:

  1. Improve understanding

    To improve the understanding of pedestrians' quality needs with regard to public space, the transport system and the social, legal and political context and their interrelations;
  2. Advance effectiveness and efficiency

    Describe the State-of-the-Art, identify an agreed set of requirements and develop a new paradigm (a coherent system of theories and models regarding adequate pedestrian facilities and qualities) that can be used by stakeholders for analysing and improving 'reality';
  3. Provide Knowledge base

    Provide an accessible knowledge base and easy to use auditing scheme that enables authorities and possibly interest groups to tackle, prevent and prioritise current and future problems regarding pedestrian mobility and presence in public space;
  4. Stimulate innovation

    To stimulate partners to innovate tools and disseminate knowledge that helps shedding new light on the issue and stimulates a new lan in providing for safe mobility of the pedestrian;
  5. Provide recommendations for further research

    Indicate gaps in knowledge and provide recommendations for further research.
Picture of a couple walking hand in hand